Organized in Miami, Florida in 1975 by Denis M Farley, POURING RAIN is an enterprise for a variety of entertainment related activities. R&D had determined early on that using a harmonica as a kind of regulator so to speak, in a sea of some questionable One Candle Powercomposition, was an integral component to navigating the strange milieu in which we found ourselves.

Over the years, while studying various phenomena regarding the mediation of waste products it was observed that any other than the most necessary excretions (garbage) were highly volatile and subject to wild aberrations in the milieu. Some were naturally very pleasing and encouraging. We considered increasing our excretions (garbage) in a sense, (exhaling more rapidly) recycling basic elements throughout the network in a two or four step process, directly alternating currents and dancing closer to the beat of the demand for more garbage.

It was then that we began to recycle our waste into consultation, instruction, production, publishing, computers, licensing, distribution, busking, promotion, performances, rambling, information services, river boating, graphics, communication, labor, trademarks, patents, endorsements, copyrights, more blue sky research, management, database, bean growing and counting, coffee roasting, song writing, logistics, permaculture, balanced energy, rainwater harvesting and the search for a blue orchid.

Naturally, we are still very fond of waste products and continue to produce them.

So . . . and then . . . everyone at POURING RAIN extends our hearty gratitude and welcome!

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