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Flat Baroque appeared in 1984 as "Baroque" Records (a fail safe method for publishing Pouring Rain songs on sound recordings), until Utah Phillips, in a conversation with denis at an upstate NY music festival suggested calling it 'Flat' Baroque Records. Sounded good to me.

In 1988, my label partner, Hy Shore, and I added an artist, Fred "August" Campbell and his hit jukebox single, A side - The I-95 Song, B side - Lost Horizons.  Originally released around 1984, August had sold over a hundred thousand copies of his 7" vinyl record on local Miami label Pantera Records and sychronized use in the feature film, Dominc & Eugene.  The blue nature of the recording, its use of the word, "asshole," and indeed the title, better known as the I-95 (Asshole) Song, was virtually banned from the airways and most traditional forms of promotion and distribution.   Despite the adversity, the recording became an instant favorite worldwide.  Unhappy with his business arrangements, August signed on with Hy and I to release the single on Flat Baroque Records.

Follow us here for more information and history of our time with August Campbell and the legendary, I-95 Song.

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